Thursday, July 26, 2007

Recently I watched the 'Democratic debate' on CNN in which people from across the globe fielded questions on diverse topics. Despite the difference in opinions and answers from the candidates one thing that was outstanding was the patriotism of all the candidates. They all had the desire to make America a 'better' place. In fact that is the outstanding thing about Americans that is often mistaken for arrogance. Americans are easily the most patriotic people on earth, In fact that is the 'glue' that has cemented America together and enables it to be the country that it is. In addition you will find that Americans travel wide in their own country and so are exposed to the customs and practices of other communities in their country.

I insist that there is no better way to wipe out tribalism and build patriotism (the more tribalism the less patriotism and vice versa) that for kenyans to travel in their own country and get to know the practices, beliefs, customs, problems, joys, sorrows, victories and defeats of other Kenyans. Its not enough to simply go 'shags' and back to Nairobi or where one works and lives. Kenyans must make a conscious effort to get to know their country.

This blog is intended to be a pictorial of kenya with patriotic messages and is intended to fire up the desire of Kenyans to emulate this blogger and visit every nook and cranny of this great country.

As i said before the purpose of this blog is to get Kenyans to put aside their differences and focus on how we can utilise the huge natural potential and himan resources of this great country. I first want to encourage Kenyans to travel in their own country. Nothing will help us overcome our prejudices between communities and tribes as interaction. To see where others come from, the quality of their lives, understand their customs, and most of all see what a diverse country we have.

This pic is Tana river from the bridge entering Garissa.


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Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

This is a noble endavour, Lucas. I hope to see as much of Kenya as I can. It might serve the same purpose as going to college, interacting with people from other tribes, and (sometimes) liking their culture more than you do your own.
I'm embarassed by our leaders who call for 'their' tribes to vote as a bloc, irrespective of whatever parties they are subscribe to. Needless to say, I'm opposed to anything that preaches tribal hate, however justified the cause.
Continue the great work.